QR codes on Street Signs

QR codes on Street Signs
QR codes on Street Signs

Smart cities are taking a step towards modernization through QR codes on street signs!


QR codes on street signs are improving governance and city operations. Not only that, but implementing this digital practice is sustainable to the environment. These codes help link physical platforms to the digital world to engage more people and make them aware of the common practices included. It is also a unique way to enhance the guidance to road safety and share related news and services. Along with these amazing facilities, QR codes on street signs have many other benefits. Take a look! 

Benefits of QR codes on Street Signs

Track the Data of the Amount of Scans

Dynamic QR codes help track the number of scans and help you identify your customers by sharing their devices and locations. The information collected through these QR codes is a short direct URL and helps you make the required changes based on the tracked information.

Dynamic QR codes on Street Signs are Always Adjustable

Another major benefit of these dynamic QR codes on street signs is that they are always adjustable. These QR codes are not rigid and can be easily edited and upgraded whenever required. This means that whenever there is an update of government norms or policies, you can edit the information in the same QR code so passers-by will know about it.

Add Extra Information to Street Signs with a QR code

Street Signs usually have limited space and hence, not all information can be inserted on a single sign board. They cannot also share an explanation for how they should be used. However, QR codes for street signs cover a lot of required information. All you have to do is to scan the codes and learn all about them.

Get in Contact with People Easier

It is easier to connect with the tech savvy world when using digital and instant information platforms. QR codes on street signs connect more people and share all the necessary details and essential know-how through a single platform.

How to Create a QR code on a Street Sign

You can create a QR code on a street sign by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to Trueqrcode and fill in the URL you want to use for your QR code on your street signs.

Step 2: Your unique QR code is generated immediately.

Step 3: Save your QR code in your personal account.

Step 4: Download your QR code in a .jpg file. 

Step 5: Use your downloaded QR code in your street sign design. 

Step 6: In your account, you can keep track of how often the QR code is scanned.

QR codes on Street Signs
QR codes on Street Signs

Best Practices of QR codes on Street Signs

QR codes on Street Signs for Convention Centers

Convention centers come across a lot of people daily and thus, require regularly updated information and details. QR codes on street signs for convention centers solve a lot of these problems. People can also be updated on all the new policies of the government and changes in road designs. They help people learn about where they can park and where to exit.

Museums and QR codes on Street Signs

QR codes on street signs in public places like museums, parking spots, and pedestrian spots help with their strategic placement. Museums usually attract a lot of visitors daily and hence, museums and QR codes on street signs serve as the best combination to spread the word about the latest updates and implement modernizing practices in cities.

QR codes on Street Signs for Events

QR codes on street signs for events serve as a source to share all the event’s related information. These mainly include public events or events on a large scale that anyone can visit. QR codes on street signs for events can share the schedule and an event map with people so they don’t have to face chaos. They may also easily contact the organizer or the invitees through these codes and share any issues that might arise at the event.

The Government Uses QR codes on Street Signs

The government also utilizes QR codes on street signs to share necessary details and updates. It is a way to engage citizens and tourists in upcoming government projects and invite some suggestions. QR codes on street signs help people get instant access to government services and public services whenever required.

QR codes on Street Signs and Public Transportation

QR codes on street signs also benefit the users and providers of public transportation services. People can learn about the schedule of public buses and trains through a single QR code and can even book a seat through an attached link. Alternatively, service providers can get an idea of the number of people who will be riding and their destination. It may also update them if there is any change in the schedule or prices of the public transportation services.


The best practices of QR codes on street signs and the perfect QR code is incomplete without incorporating these basic things. Here are some tips to make your QR codes more useful and efficient.

Tips for Adding QR codes on Street Signs

Make Sure the Information Behind the QR code is Up to Date

Every QR code needs updated information and valid links attached. After all, your visitors do not need to access masses of information they already know. They will visit your site and scan the QR code only if they need to learn something new and get the latest updates. Hence, it is better to make sure all the information behind the QR code is updated and there is an edit every time a change happens. Updated QR codes will generate better leads and provide more conversions.

Check Whether You Added the Right URL to the QR code

Another essential thing to keep in mind before making the QR code available for the public is to recheck the URL and the files linked to it. Your visitors don’t have the time to scan a code and then wait for hours to connect with you. For that reason, it is better to check once or twice whether the URL attached is working properly. If you find any glitches, make the required changes beforehand and then share the QR code on the respected places and street signs.

Ensure the Page Displayed After Scanning is Clear

You should also keep a check on whether the page displayed after scanning the QR code is clear to all or not. This means the information connected with the QR code should not include never-ending topics or jargon. It is better to keep the content simple so more people will understand it. Content that is short, simple, and easy to understand will help make a lot of people aware of the prevailing laws and updated government policies. Also, it is not easy for all to learn road signs, so the QR codes may even include the most simple definition of these signs to teach more people about the road rules.

Change the URL of the QR code After Some Time

You should change and edit the QR code URL after a while. The step is necessary as it will help you update the information and prevent any virus or pirated sources from entering the QR codes. The same QR code may not always work smoothly and so, you should keep a regular check on the URLs attached, the information added to them, and any audio or video links attached. Check if they are working properly and can help your visitors in the best possible ways. A regular check will retain visitors and help in lead addition and nurturing.

Trigger Your Clients to Scan the QR code

Though QR codes are meant to be scanned, not all your clients will scan the QR code every time. You should design and craft them in a way so that clients are induced to scan the code and avail of the services. Better designs will trigger a larger client base. It will also help you generate organic leads and include information that will benefit more people regularly. 

Also, it is best to design QR codes in a way that represents your brand and tells customers about the services you offer in a single go. 


In a nutshell, QR codes on street signs are helpful in many ways. Their impressive designs and knowledgeable insights can help you build a reliable client base and also boost your sales. So, design one for yourself today and take a step toward the digital world.


Most frequent questions and answers

QR code on street signs makes it easier to share valuable information with the public. Therefore, scanning QR codes on street signs can help people get the most valuable information. People can easily scan these codes through a QR scanner or google lens and get instant access to their information.

QR codes on street signs should be larger so they can be easily scanned and are visible to all passers-by. Generally, the size of a QR code is 2 cm. long and 2 cm. wide. However, the size of QR codes on street signs highly depends on the size and height of the street sign. Its size should neither be so big that it becomes difficult to fit it into the screen nor should it be so small that it does not come to anyone’s attention.

QR codes on street signs should be placed in a visible place where it comes to the notice of many people. The QR code should preferably be at a pedestrian area, parking lot, or public place where more people can scan and notice it.

Dynamic QR codes on street signs will help you track the number of scans per QR code. These codes will help you learn the scanning device and the location of the one scanning the QR codes.

People scan QR codes on street signs to get the necessary information and relevant insight. QR codes on street signs represent changes in government policies and necessary updates, and make it easier to contact people.