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QR codes can no longer be ignored in everyday life. It makes sharing information easy and simple. Nowadays there is much more possible with QR codes than many people know. There are dynamic QR codes with which you can take your marketing to the next level. Our QR code generator have the following benefits for you.

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Creating or modifying a QR code is very easy.
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Fantastic dashboard to manage all my QR codes. Quick to adjust, always works. Great tool!
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Adam Sendler
I use the QR codes from True qr code for all my flyers and posters. Super easy to reuse.
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Peter Gort
The Netherlands
Good communication, fast contact and always working codes. I'm happy!
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We use QR Codes a lot and often. Since we use True QR Code we have structure in the use of QR Codes. Several employees can log in and download the correct QR codes for our marketing.
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Melis Esposito
We have many events. Thanks to the dynamic QR codes, we can always easily adjust the link to the new ticker sale. Super!!
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Maria Gonzalez

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What is A QR Code Generator?

QR code generator is a tool that creates QR codes. It stores the raw data and turns it into the pixelated format of a QR code. And as mentioned before, the process is very flexible, and you can create a QR code to mean anything.

The term QR is an abbreviation of ‘Quick Response.’ It is a two-dimensional code containing numerous pixels. The pixels set it apart from bar codes, as those consist of several bars instead.

QR codes contain data in an encrypted form. The software for creating the QR code converts it into a pixelated format and gives you a printable QR code. Like other readable codes, you may use imaging devices to capture and decrypt the information.

It just so happens that modern smartphones almost always have a built-in QR code scanner. Even if your phone lacks the feature, you can always find countless free apps to remove that handicap. But any android version after 8.0 should have the scanner built-in.

QR code reading is always accurate, even if there are scratches on the printed code. The reading process is supplemented by the Reed-Solomon error correction method. Even so, most QR generators will allow printing out a high-resolution copy.

Types Of QR Code Generator

There are two main types of QR code generators. One is a Static QR code Generator, and the other is a Dynamic QR code Generator. The distinctive difference between the two lies in how easy it is to edit them.

1. Static Code Generator

The code generators that can only generate static codes are the basic variant. This tool also struggles to make too many QR codes at once. But static codes are easier to use in many situations.

Static QR codes have the downside of being uneditable. For example, if you create a QR code for a website, you can not change the link. Changing the link will make the code invalid and you will have to get a new code for your new website.

2. Dynamic Code Generator

Dynamic Code Generators can usually create both Static and Dynamic codes. The best thing about dynamic code is the ability to change the content later. These codes are editable and you can always update your website later.

Dynamic QR codes have a very useful feature for the current consumer-oriented market. These codes can have a tracking feature. For example, you can track where, and when a code goes through the scanning process. You can drive much other information depending on the location of the code.

Dynamic QR codes also do not have to be black-and-white. The user can add color to the code to make it more vibrant.

That part is purely aesthetic and has zero effect on the performance of the code. But Aesthetics play a huge role in the marketing industry, so take that as you will. Some QR code generator websites will also ask you to make an account before you can make a code. In general, dynamic QR codes are better than static ones.

How to use a QR Code Generator

Using a QR code generator to make a QR code is straightforward. The specific details can vary based on what tool you use. But the gist remains the same. Trueqrcode.com is an excellent QR code Generator. It offers both Dynamic and Static QR code options. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool.

First, you start by deciding on what you want to make into a QR code. You will need your URL or the link to a landing page if you are making a QR code out of that.

Next, you will open the trueqrcode.com QR code generator in your browser. The operating system, device, and software version does not matter. You just need to open it on a working device from any browser. Go into the section that requires you to input the information and paste your link.

Click on the button at the bottom right that says ‘generate-code’ after entering the information. The website will show your QR code on the right-hand side. There should be a download button at the bottom to let you download the newly generated QR code.