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How to create a QR code

It’s quick and easy. In only four steps you will have your own custom QR Code(s).

1. Choose your QR type

There are different types of QR codes. Choose the most suitable type to generate this type of QR code.

2. Add your content

In step 2, upload the content you want the QR code to be directed after it has been scanned.

3. Customize QR code

Implement your branding in the design of the QR code. Think of a logo, other patterns, use of color, frames and adding text.

4. Save & Track Scans

The QR code is ready to use and can now be downloaded, printed and ready to be scanned.

Try out your first Dynamic QR code now.

You will experience great benefits from the new revolution of QR codes. Within one minute.

Get to know the features of QR codes

Features fully integrated in our Management System. There are more possibilities than you might think.

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Add Logo’s
Tracking & Analytics
Bulk Creation