PDF QR code

PDF QR codes take users directly to a PDF file as soon as they are scanned. This type of QR code makes sharing and distributing PDF documents easier and faster, as one only needs to scan a QR code to access the full document. This can be particularly useful in educational settings, corporate presentations or on marketing collateral, enabling fluid integration of printed materials with digital content.

Share PDF files that are always up to date

The PDF QR code is an increasingly popular and highly utilized QR code. When scanning this type of QR code, you can access and view a specific PDF document. This means you can directly read or download content without browsing a website. A significant benefit of this QR code type is its dynamic nature. This means that the PDF content behind the QR code can be updated or replaced, without altering the actual QR code structure.

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PDF QR code

The benefits of PDF QR codes

PDF QR codes are more than just a PDF file behind a QR code.

How to create a PDF QR code

It’s quick and easy. In only four steps you will have your own custom PDF QR Code(s).

1. Choose PDF type

There are different types of QR codes. Choose the PDF type to generate this type of QR code.

2. Add PDF file

In step 2, upload the PDF file you want the QR code to be directed after it has been scanned.

3. Customize QR code

Implement your branding in the design of the QR code. Think of a logo, other patterns, use of color, frames and adding text.

4. Save & Track Scans

The QR code is ready to use and can now be downloaded, printed and ready to be scanned.

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Use case PDF QR code

PDF QR codes are used in different industries for different purposes. It is the most underrated QR code type. But offers enormous value. We have highlighted a use case for using this type of QR code.

PDF QR code

How to share your PDF files without printing them