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Our QR code management system ensures efficiency, flexibility and insight into the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns, while improving the user experience at the same time.


Our management system collects all your QR codes in one central location. 


You can still change the destination of a QR code after printing or generating it. 


Data Analytics

Our management system offers analytics so you can measure the success of your campaigns.



We make it possible to customize QR codes based on the branding of your company. 


We offer the opportunity to let your package grow along with the growth of your organization.

Time Savings

Automation, templates, and other built-in tools allows your marketing team to save a lot of time.

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Features fully integrated in our Management System. There are more possibilities than you might think.

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Trusted by over 2100 companies around the world

“We have many events. Thanks to the dynamic QR codes of Trueqrcode, we can always easily adjust the link to the new ticket sale. Super!”

Adam Sendler
Senior Event Manager (USA)

“As a marketing agency, we manage all QR codes of our customers at Trueqrcode! We have developed a special template for each customer. Ideal, clear and super easy to use.”

Peter Gort
Owner Marketing Agency (Netherlands)

“We use QR codes a lot and often. Since we use Trueqrcode we have structure in the use of QR codes. Several employees can log in and download the correct QR codes for our marketing.”

Melis Esposito
Graphic Designer (Italy)

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