Multi Link QR code

Multi-link QR codes are an advanced variant of dynamic QR codes, which can direct users to multiple URLs or online resources from a single scan. By scanning a multi-link QR code, users can access a menu of different links or options, allowing them to choose which content to view. This provides businesses and marketers with a dynamic tool to deliver a wide variety of content in an organized and user-friendly way.
Multilink QR Code

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The Multi Link QR code is an innovative type of QR code. When scanning this QR code, users are presented with multiple links or options to choose from. This allows for a variety of destinations from just a single scan, whether it’s different websites, videos, documents, or more. A significant advantage of the Multi Link QR code is its dynamic nature. This means that the array of links behind the QR code can be updated or modified without the need to change the QR code structure itself.

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The benefits of Multi Link QR codes

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How to create a Multi Link QR code

It’s quick and easy. In only four steps you will have your own custom Multi Link QR Code(s).

1. Choose Multi Link type

There are different types of QR codes. Choose the Multi Link type to generate this type of QR code.

2. Add Multiple Links

In step 2, add multiple links you want the QR code to be directed after it has been scanned.

3. Customize QR code

Implement your branding in the design of the QR code. Think of a logo, other patterns, use of color, frames and adding text.

4. Save & Track Scans

The QR code is ready to use and can now be downloaded, printed and ready to be scanned.

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Use case Multi Link QR code

Multi-link QR codes give users the flexibility to choose from multiple destination options with just one scan, facilitating a personalized and efficient user experience. We have highlighted a use case for using this type of QR code.

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