QR codes on Business Cards

QR codes on Business Cards
QR codes on Business Cards

Why not make sharing your contact information even faster? One of the quickest approaches is a business card, but by adding QR codes on Business Cards, prospective customers or business partners can scan it to get in touch with you straight away. In this article, you will learn how the addition of QR codes will alter how you think about business cards and why integrating such innovative technologies creates a potent new channel for marketing your company, bringing in new customers with ease.

Benefits of QR codes on Business Cards

Some companies include QR codes in their standard business cards. This requires a static QR code, also known as a fixed-data QR code.

This QR code could direct you to a business website, a movie, or a social network profile. Most firms have already started utilizing QR codes in marketing for customers to scan and execute particular activities. A few examples are making business phone calls, sending emails, and completing online forms.

You can share your QR code business card with prospects in the following ways:

There is no denying that business cards are still necessary for efficiently conveying information during face-to-face interactions. When you first meet someone, they already have all the required information they need to get in touch with you in their pocket. Business cards remain a significant sales and marketing tool due to their efficiency and uniqueness in introducing you.  

QR codes can be printed in almost any place because there are so many different sizes, colors, patterns, and designs for QR codes. Using a clear, concise code, you can convey information that wouldn’t typically fit on your business card. People can also access a wide range of digital data saved on portable devices using QR codes.

Link Direct to Your Contact Details

There is no space for error because vCard QR codes quickly autofill the user’s cell phone with your contact information when you scan the vCard QR code. You can avoid searching for someone online by sharing their LinkedIn and other social media pages, especially if they have a well-known name. If the other person uses their phone to scan your QR code, you still have access to their contact information even if you lose the business card. Digital links reduce the need for subsequent web searches due to misplaced business cards or forgotten identities. 

You can also export your contacts to a CSV file  to generate leads more efficiently. Distributing QR codes on business cards with accurate information makes it much simpler to export contacts and maintain efficient communication with others. Additionally, receiving emails and SMS messages via QR codes about specific announcements, products, services, or hours can accelerate the generation of leads.

Show Your Success Stories

People are more likely to trust you over an unknown business if your QR codes on business cards links to a PDF, videos, photos, and client testimonials. You can distinguish yourself as the best in the developing field of QR code marketing by having a more extensive QR code on the back of your card, along with examples of your work.

Connect Directly on Social Media

Giving a person a business card with a prominent QR code and a social media QR code might persuade them to visit the social media platforms that are significant to them. Do you frequently market your products and services on Twitter and Instagram? People are more likely to connect with you when QR codes on business cards takes them directly to your social media profile rather than requiring them to search for you online.

Connect Faster

There is no denying that exchanging business cards is quick and affordable. A beautifully crafted business card is a unique, artistic, and powerful marketing tool.

Networking is thoroughly promoted, and more contacts are made quickly with QR codes on business cards. Using digital business cards often increases your network and return on investment.

Connect Offline (Business Card) with Online (QR code)

Including QR codes on business cards will attract a lot of attention since they add value to the information they provide and because the code image is unique and distinctive.

Adding a QR code increases the business card’s uniqueness while maintaining its conventional relevance. Additionally, it is much easier and faster to transfer printed information into digital form. Keep in mind that a quick scan will always reveal your contact information.

How to Create QR codes on Business Cards

A unique QR Code can easily be added to your business card using the QR code generator of Trueqrcode. The procedure is very similar. Follow these instructions to add QR codes on business cards.

Step 1: Go to Trueqrcode and fill in the URL you want to use for a QR code on your business card.

Step 2: Your unique QR code is generated immediately.

Step 3: Save your QR code in your account.

Step 4: Download your QR code as a .jpg file.

Step 5: Use your downloaded QR code on your business card design.

Step 6: In your account, you can track how often the QR code is scanned.

QR codes on Business Cards
vCard QR code

Best Practices of QR codes on Business Cards

Building consumer loyalty means delivering brand dependability to your audience. This demands consistent visual and written content across all channels, whether online or offline.

Take Networking to the Next Level

Networking and establishing connections is the secret to generating leads, increasing sales, and instilling a sense of community. Business cards have been the foundation of networking for many years.

A user-friendly and mobile-first experience provided by QR codes on business cards endorses networking and quickly leads to more connections. Digital business cards also help you establish more contacts and increase your investment return.

Share Your New Single Directly

When a business card has a QR code, the receiver can quickly scan the code to view and save the information with a few clicks. This enables quick, simple, and straightforward information sharing. You can share your QR codes on Business Cards via email and website and promote them on your social media platforms.  

Ask About Customer Experiences in Your Restaurant

The digital QR code menu for restaurants provides rapid access to your menu directly on your customers’ cell phones. This new option has been offered to restaurants as they reopen to reassure customers about health and safety concerns.

The possibilities for this type of digital menu include the following:

  • Menus; 
  • Interactive menus with pictures of the foods and recipes;
  • Menus with integrated ordering;
  • Direct mobile payments.  

A QR code can quickly and easily change your menu to preferences for your teams.

Connect Faster at Trade Shows or Events

Yes! QR codes are an excellent tool for events or trade shows. All of the following can be accomplished with a QR code

  • Recording the number of attendees;
  • Accepting QR code tickets instead of traditional tickets for quick entry into an event while avoiding long lines;
  • Update attendees;
  • Provide menus and ordering food and drinks;
  • Implementing payment systems that support QR codes to receive payments.

Connections can Immediately Save Your Details

QR codes on Business Cards makes it quick and straightforward to save a contact. You can include a button on the display page that enables users to store your contact without manually entering their information. It speeds up the procedure and lowers the chance of entering incorrect information.

Tips for Adding QR codes on Business Cards

A QR code can provide an additional method of contact and direct access to your website, landing page, or sales data. QR codes on business cards have reemerged as a common strategy to boost internet traffic from offline sources. 

Despite the relatively new idea, the market for digital business cards is growing. The market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 11.2% and reach $242.3 million by 2027.

Save Your QR codes on Business Cards in Your Account

When you change a QR code, it saves the design as a template so you can use it again later. This can help you differentiate between campaigns or test several appearances to see which one you like most. You can reuse it by looking up a design in your template library and using it in your QR codes on Business Cards

Double Check if you Print an Active QR code

The QR codes on Business Cards won’t work if the information is entered incorrectly. Use these instructions to quickly create QR codes on business cards. Follow the instructions carefully to prevent an unpleasant situation where a potential customer scans a code and receives a “Page Not Found” error message. Once you’ve generated your code, download and save it, and test your code to ensure it works.

Save Your Business Card Design

The design of your business card should now include your QR code. Position it to the side so it does not entirely obscure the written content, but still catches attention. Make sure the trim is straight, even if you don’t want your QR code too close to the edge of the page. Last, but not least, ensure the QR code is large enough to read without dominating the design.

Does the QR code Link to the Correct URL?

Every Dynamic QR code has a random short URL preloaded that, when scanned, directs the user to any page they choose. There is ample option to customize short URLs to your tastes, such as using your company name to differentiate yourself from competitors and boost consumer confidence.

Make the QR code Stand Out on Your Business Card

QR codes have shed their stark black-and-white image in favor of a more adaptable identity. Using various multifunctional, simple-to-use options, you can design engaging and stimulating QR codes on business cards that stand out and advance your business.


Most frequent questions and answers

The camera on most smartphones has a QR code-detecting feature. They can crack the code and get to the information. Some older phones, however, might not be able to do this, in which case you need to download specialized software known as a QR code reader or scanner.

After scanning the QR Code with their cellphones, clients can quickly save the information to their devices. Because the client has the contact information, they can still get in touch even if the card is misplaced or thrown away in the future.

If you didn’t have a QR code on your business card, you can’t profit from the numerous advantages of linking straight to your company, your contact details, or samples of your work. It makes sense that you should create and test your QR code quickly. You can place the QR code on the front or back, whichever option is suitable for your design.  

Yes! You can keep track of QR code usage. You can monitor scans, locations, and devices with a dynamic QR code system. The number of scans, locations, and devices of these dynamic QR codes is counted and evaluated for retargeting and rebranding purposes as well as the marketing campaign.

It’s the next generation of business cards. Implementing QR codes on business cards will almost certainly draw customers’ attention to your business’s distinctive appeal. The business card’s worth is unaffected, but adding a QR code sets it apart from competitors and instantaneously transforms it from paper to digital format.

Business cards with QR codes are becoming more and more prevalent in networking scenarios. Digital business cards are fast displacing traditional business cards as the go-to method for networking and building connections due to their growing user-friendliness and simplicity. Any professional can broaden their customer reach and network by using digital business cards—and QR codes remain mandatory for that purpose.  

To place a QR code on a business card, you first need a QR code, which you can create with our QR code generator. You can then download this QR code and place it in the design of your business card. Depending on where and how you make a flyer, the last step differs. For example, it can be in a Design file or an online editor that some business card printers offer.