QR codes on Billboards

QR codes on Billboards
QR codes on Billboards

A tried-and-true technique that has been employed by businesses all over the world is billboard advertising. However, due to their low returns and inability to be quantified, many marketing professionals today view them as being part of the “old school” way of marketing. 

Evolving from what it was previously, billboard advertisements nowadays frequently include a QR code that, when scanned, directs viewers to internet content. But many might wonder if these types of QR codes on Billboards function. Of course, they do! 

In reality, several well-known companies, like Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, and others, have previously employed this marketing technique to expand their consumer base. Not only billboards, but also posters, publications, product packaging, and even online displays use QR codes.

Instead of just hanging a lifeless, basic billboard, marketers can make the most of QR codes by incorporating a digital component into their printed materials and tracking the ROI. So, how do you use QR codes on billboards? Let’s explore.

Benefits of QR codes on Billboards

A realistic strategy to embrace virtual marketing is to use QR codes on billboards. Instead of relying solely on one-dimensional print-only campaigns and advertisements, use QR code advertising to strengthen a digital marketing campaign that will be visible to a diverse audience that can be assessed more efficiently. 


You’ll learn more about how QR codes on billboards can boost your business’s productivity.

Connect Offline Marketing with Online Marketing (QR codes)

Your billboards can only store so much information, which is one advantage of using QR codes in marketing. Potential customers will be curious to learn more about your company. You might lose a lot of potential consumers if key facts are lacking. Fortunately, QR codes give your print items a digital component. Add a QR code that can send people to a webpage where they can learn more. That way, they don’t have settle with only what you can print. They can be exposed to images, videos, and much more content than with written materials.

Connect with your Audience

Are you going to launch a new product or line of service? Wondering how to connect with your audience? The simple way to do so is by adding QR codes on billboards. Billboard advertising now employs QR codes more effectively, thanks to advancements made by marketers and advertisers throughout time which better involve customers. Billboards have frequently employed QR codes to capture the attention of the audience, enabling the audience to access the advertisement’s web information by scanning the QR code. Thus using QR codes on billboards has been viewed by marketers as having a significant benefit.

Track your Offline Marketing

Previously, there was no means to measure the activities customers undertook as a result of viewing billboards they came across. This was one of the most challenging aspects of old print marketing strategies as it is impossible to assess their real ROI (return on investment). Now that billboards are equipped with QR codes, it is possible to determine precisely how much money each billboard brings in. Every dynamic QR code created with the QR Code Generator of Trueqrcode includes a tracking overview with statistics on location by city and country, time spent scanning, the operating system of the scanning device, and the number of total vs. unique scans. As a consequence, you have all the scan data necessary to determine the ROI for billboard advertising.

Use it in Different Locations

Due to the vast range of uses for billboards, you can print QR codes on them and display them on buildings, advertising spaces, taxis, buses, trains, trams, and other public transportation. Billboards and advertisements with QR codes are far more likely to be scanned, especially if there is a clear call-to-action or incentive, like a discount on a good or service. The only thing you need to remember is that, due to the greater distance between the audience’s camera and the billboard, the QR codes printed on the billboards must be large enough to attract the audience’s attention and also be scannable.

Trigger People to Scan your QR codes on Billboards

How will you ensure that more people scan the QR codes on billboards? You’ll have to put up something that entices potential customers to scan. For that, you can put up billboards for products or services that people can’t walk past easily. You can also add instant discounts or offer codes, which will trigger them to scan QR codes on billboards.

How to Create QR codes on Billboards:

Now that you are aware of the advantages of including QR codes on billboards, you might be curious how to do it. All you need to do is opt for the appropriate code for the data regarding your advertisement. Before adding a proper QR code to your billboards, decide what kind of message you want to deliver: informative, amusing, or educational. Then, follow the instructions below to create the QR code that’s best for you.

Step 1: Go to Trueqrcode and fill in the URL you want to use for the QR code on your billboard. Find a reliable QR code maker that makes creating QR codes quick and easy. You can create and acquire QR codes with the QR code generator of Trueqrcode without disclosing any private information.

Step 2: Your unique QR codes on Billboards will be generated immediately. Use ideal textures, such as pastels and contrasting colors, when creating the QR code to ensure it can be scanned. When you are finished and content with the QR code, click “Generate,” and your QR code will be created right away.

Step 3: Save your QR code in your personal account. As soon as your QR code has been created, save it to your personal account. By doing this, you ensure your competitors cannot use your QR codes on Billboards, and you also save it for later use.

Step 4: Download your QR code in a .jpg file. The QR code must be downloaded for later use once it has been saved. It is recommended that you download your QR codes on Billboards as an a.JPG file rather than one of the other possible formats.  

Step 5: Use your downloaded QR code in your billboard design. Now that your QR codes on Billboards are prepared, it’s time to download it as a .JPG file so you can utilize it on your billboard.

Step 6: In your account, you can keep track of how often the QR code is scanned. With the aid of accurate QR code scan tracking, you can alter your campaign as necessary in real-time. You can also improve your understanding of your clients by using Google Analytics. If you want to learn more about how your QR codes on Billboards are performing, check out the analytics dashboard.

QR codes on Billboards
QR codes on Billboards

Best Practices of QR codes on Billboards

The necessity of expert graphic design for billboard advertising cannot be overstated. However, there are a few other crucial considerations as well, such as your message, the tone you use, how the message is delivered, what corporate information to add, and more. Continue reading for some advice on creating QR codes on billboards ads.

Sell more tickets for your event

We all know about the group BTS, right? They’re the most popular boy band in South Korea. Well, in many cases, they used a QR codes on billboards to sell tickets for their concerts. When fans scanned the QR code, they were led to the official page of the BTS army. From there, the audience could check out the venue or the timings of the concert.

Show people a video of your brand-new gym

Are you planning to open a gym in the neighborhood and want people to know about it? Instead of distributing billboards/brochures about it, how about you put it on a billboard with a QR code? Once the people scan the QR code, they’ll land on the desired page and get to see the video of the brand-new gym you have posted. This will help them learn all about the gym, and you can expect to have potential joiners soon.

Let customers schedule an appointment immediately

If you are a healthcare facility that’s promoting its services using billboard advertising, then you should definitely add a QR code. And to ensure that more people learn about your hospital or healthcare facility, add the option of booking/scheduling an appointment with one of your doctors once they scan the QR code on the billboard. This will increase the chances of you getting more potential clients.

Increase your following on socials

Let’s say you want to direct visitors to your website while doing print media ads on billboards. This is where a billboard’s QR code might be of assistance. To visit your website, the target audience will only need to scan it with their smartphone. The engagement rate improves as the procedure becomes simpler. Similarly, you may use a social media QR code to get users to follow you on social media. When they scan, a landing page with links leading to all of your social media profiles will be shown. They can then choose to follow you online by choosing their favorite platform.

Show your expertise in a story behind the QR code

It doesn’t make sense to have more than seven words in your billboard message because people read them quite fast, as well as from a distance. However, by using QR Codes on billboards, you’re enabling the public to view the motivation behind the billboard advertisement. As a result, after users scan the QR code, you must make sure that the story they read encourages them to learn more about the specific item or service the advertisement is for. In this manner, you might generate repeated business from potential customers.

Tips when adding QR codes on Billboards

Save your QR code in your personal account.

Create a folder in your personal account or build a new one after creating the QR code so you can save and share it with your management as needed. By keeping the QR code in your account, you also prevent your rivals from using it to their benefit.

Double-check if you’ve printed an active QR code

Before printing your billboard’s QR code, be sure to test it on a few different scanning programs. QR codes on Billboards should be at least 20 meters (65 feet) away from where a passerby will be scanning it, and it should be no more than 2 meters (6.5 feet) across when it is on a huge object like a billboard.

Save your billboard design

If you wish to run the same campaign for a different event in the future or print billboards for a promotion with the same QR code design, there is no need to be concerned. Utilizing a QR code generator, you can store all of your designs as templates that you can reuse for further marketing campaigns.

Track scans to see if your marketing works well

You can track QR code scans using dynamic QR codes on billboards, or you can set up a tracking system to examine the demographics of your scanners, including where they scanned from, when, and what device they were using.

Make the QR code stand out on your billboard

Your QR Code must be prominently displayed on your billboard if you want to get an advantage over your opponents. To do this, you must draw the audience’s attention to it. Your QR codes on Billboards can also be enhanced with an elegant frame, colors, and a message at the bottom. Make QR codes on billboards stand out!


Most frequent questions and answers

The art of creating QR codes on Billboards in the proper size is actually quite simple. It shouldn’t be too huge to distract from your content or be too little to be inaccessible.

A QR code may be placed anywhere on a billboard. Just make sure it is printed at a 1:1 ratio so that it works perfectly and is simple for customers to scan. Many marketers will place the QR code at the bottom-left or bottom-right area, but you should think about where the code looks best.

You can monitor QR code usage, i.e., keep track of scans, locations, and devices by using a dynamic QR code solution.

Since QR codes are made to be easily accessible by smartphones, they are useful for contactless interactions in all areas of service.

Yes, it is important to take into account the size of the QR and the color difference with the background. So that it is still easy to scan from a great distance.

Yes, it is a very effective way of guiding people who see the billboard directly to a desired page. This way they can do this immediately and there is little chance that they will have forgotten about your billboard later on.