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vCard Plus QR codes serve as a digital business card, allowing users to share contact information with just a single scan. These QR codes can contain a variety of information such as name, phone number, email address, company information and even a profile picture. When scanning with a smartphone, this information is imported directly into the user's contact book, eliminating the process of manually entering data. This makes the vCard Plus QR Code an efficient and environmentally friendly choice for exchanging contact information whether for networking events, conferences or business transactions.
vCard Plus QR Code

A digital business card, easy to save with one simple scan

The vCard Plus QR code is a efficient type of QR code. When this QR code is scanned, users can instantly access and save contact information, including to their name, phone number, email, and address. What distinguishes it from the traditional vCard is its enhanced capability to store additional data such as social media profiles or even a profile picture. A key advantage of the vCard Plus QR code is its dynamic nature. This means that the contact information behind the QR code can be updated or amended without needing to alter the QR code structure itself.

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The benefits of vCard Plus QR codes

Sharing contact information has never been so much fun.

How to create a vCard Plus QR code

It’s quick and easy. In only four steps you will have your own custom PDF QR Code(s).

1. Choose vCard Plus type

There are different types of QR codes. Choose the PDF type to generate this type of QR code.

2. Add your content

In step 2, enter the contact information you want to be displayed on your vCard Plus.

3. Customize QR code

Implement your branding in the design of the QR code. Think of a logo, other patterns, use of color, frames and adding text.

4. Save & Track Scans

The QR code is ready to use and can now be downloaded, printed and ready to be scanned.

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Use case vCard Plus QR code

vCard Plus QR codes are used as digital business cards. It is the most innovative way to share your contact details. We have highlighted a use case for using this type of QR code.

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