QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

QR codes for Real Estate Agencies
QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies are rebuilding age-old beliefs with QR codes for real estate. And this modification is proof of the change in the home buyer’s demography and demands!

QR codes in real estate clearly represent that the world is revolutionizing. Updates in technology are seen in all parts of the world, and the tech business is expanding each day. QR codes for real estate agencies are one of the biggest examples in this regard. Have a look at their multiple benefits and then create a QR code for yourself today.

Benefits of QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

QR codes for real estate agencies have the following advantages:

Use the Same QR code for Different Houses

One prominent advantage of QR codes in real estate is the ability to get multiple uses from a single QR code. In the real estate business, people mainly deal with the buying, selling, and renting of residential properties. However, it is only possible to crack a deal on two houses at the same time. Hence, in such situations, you can use the same QR code for different houses. That means the QR code used to define the designs and prices of the given property can also serve as the QR code for another property once it is sold. You only have to update it with the change in location.

Share House Information Quickly and Easily

QR codes in real estate help you share house information quickly and easily. Buyers can quickly get insights into the house and plan whether they want to visit the property. It also helps them get a better impression of the place by accessing the images within seconds. Simply put, it can be an efficient way to show off your property.

Reach More People

QR codes in real estate can also help agents and sellers reach more people. A property may have multiple interested buyers, but it may only be possible for some of them to visit the same property at the same time. To prevent a chaotic situation, agents can use QR codes and help the buyers get a glimpse of the property. Sharing QR codes with the buyers also encourages more engagement and sales.

Sell Faster with QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

QR codes in real estate agencies ease the work of both buyers and sellers. QR codes for real estate agencies work as a brochure that helps the buyer understand the property better. Properties with QR codes that give an overview of all the insights not only save the sellers from unnecessary fuss but also help the buyer decide and plan effectively before making a purchase.

Promote Your Business

QR codes in real estate agencies are also an effective way to promote your business. They are a way to initially influence your customers . Sharing QR codes on social media and other online platforms can promote your business as it gives the visitors an insight into the type of properties you deal in. It is also the most useful way to share a bulk of information in a single go.

How to Create a QR code for Real Estate Agencies

The following steps will help you create a QR code for your real estate business and avail yourself of its benefits.

Step 1: Go to Trueqrcode and fill in the URL you want to use for your QR code for real estate agencies. The website will help you create a QR code with the attached URL. The URL will be the landing page your users will reach after they scan the code. Hence, make sure you attach the correct link to the QR code. Checking and rechecking the link before uploading the code will help you save your customer’s time along with your brand image.

Step 2: Your unique QR code is generated immediately – Once you are done with the process, Trueqrcode will instantly generate a code that is ready to be used. You can also design its appearance.

Step 3: Save your QR code in your personal account – Saving the QR code in your personal account is highly recommended. This is mainly to ensure the security and privacy of the QR code and the information attached to it.

Step 4: Download your QR code in a .jpg file. The .jpg file is not only super-easy to save, but also provides a clearer image so the code can be easily scanned by all your customers. Also, if you design the QR code in a way that shows the brand image, the connected customers can track it easily. The process thus helps nurture leads and bring in more customers.

Step 5: Use your downloaded QR code for real estate agencies. You can use it to get feedback or ratings for your real estate agency or for sharing essential information with your customers. The QR code can also be used to give visitors an overview of the property and its details.

Step 6: In your account, you can keep track of how often the QR code is scanned – After sharing the QR code with your visitors, you can track the scans and the devices used to scan the code.

QR codes for Real Estate Agencies
QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

Best Practices of QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

QR codes for real estate agencies prove fruitful with the following essentials. The best practices of QR codes help you interact with more people and create better engagement.

Show More Houses with QR codes on Brochures

Best practices for QR codes in real estate agencies include adding codes on brochures. The codes on the brochures will help you showcase more houses all at a single time. The practice also helps more customers engage, increasing the expected sale rate and generating more profits.

Link Online with Offline

QR codes in real estate are the best way to link offline with online. You cannot share the different pictures of a property individually with all your customers. But QR codes help share a lot of information within a single code. This linking of online techniques with offline properties serves best to easily bring in more and more customers.

Inform Customers Even When You Are Not There

QR codes can be the perfect substitute when you are not there. It is the best way to give customers a quick insight into some of the famous properties and help them plan until you are unavailable. Customers can be easily informed and make their decisions accordingly.

Add House-tour Videos Behind the QR codes

With a shift to the online business, people prefer online tours before they actually visit a property. A house tour will give them an idea of the whole property and share all the necessary information required for them to make up their mind. QR codes in real estate work best when they have house-tour videos attached to them.

Grow Your Network

Sharing QR codes on your social media platform will help more people learn about and interact with your business. The different reviews will help them build trust in your services and improve engagement. You can improve your online and offline presence with QR codes for real estate agencies. You can also grow your network.

Tips for Using QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

Using QR codes in the real estate industry is incomplete without some essential steps. These tips will help you create an efficient QR code for your business.

Save and Manage Your QR codes for Real Estate Agencies

The first step after creating a QR code is to save it in your personal account. The QR code process does not end with just its creation and sharing in your network. QR codes require proper management to serve customers the best experience. You need to regularly update the information and keep track of the number of scans and feedback. This will help you enhance your services and build a better customer experience.

Check Whether You Added the Right Information

QR codes often lack the right information and create issues for users. So, to avoid the situation, it is essential to check the information at least two or three times before sharing the code. Also, you need to edit and update it whenever required. The process is essential as none of your customers would like to witness outdated details that may be misleading or unnecessary.

Add an Explanation to the QR code

Different QR codes may be used for different purposes, so to ease the process for your visitors, you should add an explanation to the QR code. Adding an explanation to the QR code will help people know what they actually need to look for in the QR code. Add all the essential information to the link attached to the code, making the process less time-consuming for your customers.

Tell People What Information is Behind the QR code

It is important to tell people what information is behind the QR code because you might be using a QR code for feedback or for property descriptions and images, and your customers might not know which QR code will have the relevant information. So, it is important to tell people the information behind the QR code to help them save time and effort

Use Different QR codes so Clients Get Used to it

Using different QR codes for different purposes can help your clients get more engaged and used to using QR codes. You may have various types of information to share through QR codes. However, sharing everything in the same QR code can sometimes be irritating. So, sharing bits of information through unique QR codes is better. For example, you can keep one code for feedback and review and have another one to showcase the property designs, location, prices, and loan schemes. This will help your customers get a better experience and hence, will support more organic leads.


Most frequent questions and answers

It is easy for customers to scan your QR codes whenever required. It is possible through the inbuilt camera app or google lens. Point the camera to the QR code, and you will instantly get access to the attached links, video, audio, and other essential data.

Many online platforms and QR code generators help you create a QR code for yourself. Some of these platforms offer free services that help you get the best QR codes with no extra charges. The Trueqrcode generator can help you create one quickly and efficiently.

QR codes do not have an expiration date. The QR codes are valid until the links attached are working and active. However, if there is a change in the domain of the business, all attached links will stop working, so QR codes attached will stop working as well.

Yes, you can change the URL used on the QR code anytime. This service works for dynamic QR codes, as static QR codes only save the information attached to them and do not permit making any changes. So, QR codes for businesses are usually dynamic, making it easy to edit and make required changes.

Yes, dynamic QR codes allow you to track the code and see how often the QR codes are scanned. Once created, the information on the record of the QR code can be easily tracked. The information includes the number of scans with their time, location, and scanning device used, as well as its operating system.