Wifi QR code

With an uplift in the use of smartphones and shifting to online culture, wifi has become one of the basic services and, thus, a way to deliver a great customer experience. However, sharing long and confusing passwords with multiple customers isn’t always an effective solution, and so comes the wifi QR code. 


This QR code instantly connects you to wifi without any extra effort. Isn’t it amazing to quickly connect to a network by just pointing your phone’s camera at the unique code? The free service is not only quick but also remains connected for a long time. You can access the service unless there is a change in the router settings. 


These unique and dynamic wifi QR codes have many more benefits. Read on to learn about the wifi QR code and how to create one for yourself.

Benefits of Wifi QR codes

Wifi QR codes has multiple benefits:

Quickly and Easily Share the Wifi Code

With a QR code for wifi, you can easily share the accessibility of your wifi connection. The code is easily connected through the camera or the wifi network settings. This service benefits many businesses and restaurants who can use the technology to attract more visitors. 


Sharing wifi codes quickly and easily also saves you from the hassle of narrating the passwords individually and wasting your time. However, you need to activate the network for all so people can get the service.

Share Your Wifi with One Scan

Another prominent feature of a wifi QR code is that it helps you share the wifi with just a single scan. It is the most effortless and time-saving way to share wifi access with multiple people. 

All you have to do is display the wifi QR code in a place visitors can easily see and scan it. By pointing their camera at the wifi QR code, they can access the free service and tend to stay longer to avail of more of your services. Hence, wifi QR codes not only helps you share with just a scan but also adds a perk to the business.

Track the Amount of Scans

The best part of using dynamic QR codes is that they are easily trackable. That means you can check how many people have scanned and access the connection. The service works best for wifi QR codes as it is a service that numerous people cannot use. Exceeding a certain limit can hamper the working and speed of the QR codes and may cause inconvenience to the existing users. However, the easy tracking of scans can help avoid such a situation. You can either limit the number of scans or find and remove if there is a nearby source trying to scan and connect to the network. Tracking also helps determine the location of these scans’ and restrict unauthentic scans and connections.

Share and Join a Wifi Network

A wifi QR code is the easiest way to share and join a wifi network. For instance, if you are a business owner, you can design and create a wifi QR code and display it in a visible position so your employees and customers can easily find it. On the other hand, if you want to join a wifi network at your office, a cafe, or a restaurant, you can avail of the service with just a scan. Simply put your camera on the wifi QR code, and you will instantly get access to the shared wifi network.


Wifi QR codes have several benefits for their users, so they should be a part of every business. Create a wifi QR code today with these simple steps.

How to Create a Wifi QR code

You can easily create a wifi QR code with the easy-to-follow service of Trueqrcode. Follow the given instructions, and your wifi QR code will be ready to use.


Step 1: Go to Trueqrcode and fill in the URL you want to use for your wifi QR code.

Step 2: Your unique QR code is generated immediately.

Step 3: Save your QR code in your personal account.

Step 4: Download your QR code in a .jpg file. 

Step 5: Your wifi QR code is ready to use.

Best Practices of Wifi QR codes

Creating a wifi QR code is not enough unless you also follow the best possible practices. These points will highlight some of the essential know-how to help your QR code reach the masses. Have a look!

Offer Free Wifi for Tourists

Wifi QR codes at airports and significant tourist attractions can offer tourists free wifi. This is a great way to attract more visitors and enhance the basic services these places provide. Free wifi services also provide a glimpse of what is going on in the host country and helps them access some of its essential services. 


When used at these places, wifi QR codes help attract more visitors and consequently bring in a nice revenue for the company and the nation. It is also a way to ensure smart security, lighting, and intelligent services and assist the people with the best services.

Wifi in Hospitals

Wifi QR codes in hospitals are another efficient way to enhance the reliability and services at these patient care centers. Wifi in hospitals is usually considered harmful, but it helps reduce running costs, improves patients’ happiness, and makes it easier for the staff to carry on their daily tasks. The easy network accessibility improves hospital staff’s care and acts as a source of entertainment for the patients. It gives them access to the outside world and helps them strengthen their morales throughout the treatment. It also helps get reliable feedback from the patients and their families and improves the services.

Similarly, adding a QR code is essential if you have or want to build a store to draw in potential consumers and reward their loyalty. Customers can quickly save any deal directly to their mobile devices, share it with friends, and more thanks to the coupon QR code printed on all of your related store brochures.

With a Wifi QR code, Your Restaurant's Customers will Never Ask for the Wifi Password Again

A wifi QR code has a lot of benefits for restaurants and cafes. With these codes, your customers will never need to ask for a password when they visit. The connection stays the same until you change the router settings. Also, these dynamic codes provide uninterrupted services so they can proceed with instant digital orders and payment transfers. The code benefits not only the restaurant owners but the customers as well. A simple code can save a lot of time and provide amazing services at these places.

Share Your Wifi with Friends and Family at Home

Though not a common idea, wifi QR codes at home are yet another fantastic use of the instant service. After all, you must share your wifi with your friends and family. 


A wifi QR code is best for house parties or if you are running a home PG with free wifi services. The QR code can help many people connect and access the network at the same time, and the best part is that they won’t be disturbing you for the small task. Your guests can access the network by scanning the code through their phone camera or in-built code scanners.

Wifi QR codes in Hotels and Resorts

Wifi QR codes in hotels and resorts help in better customer service and engagement. With many people accumulating in the hotels and resorts at a single time, it may not be easy for the hotel staff to help each of them with the password individually. Also, it is chaotic for the visitors to ask for a password every time they visit. Therefore, a wifi QR code makes it easy for guests and management to share the network with more people through a code. It also promises a better experience for the customers with enhanced loyalty and engagement.

Tips for Creating a Wifi QR code

Not all codes provide the best services, but following these tips will help you create and retain your wifi QR codes.

Save Your Wifi QR code in Your Personal Account

Wifi QR codes can infect your personal devices and connections if caught up by fraud sources. Hence, saving the QR codes in your personal account is better. Also, ensure you do not share the primary network password as a QR code but rather as a guest network for the visitors. Save this wifi QR code in your personal account so you do not misplace its credentials even if some other sources touch it.

Double-check if You Used an Active QR code

Another point to remember before sharing your wifi QR code with the guests is to check whether it is active. Remember, a wifi QR code without a proper wifi connection can be the most annoying thing for your customers. It is better to recheck that you share an active QR code before actually sharing it. This way you can save a lot of your and your customer’s time and provide them with the fastest service possible.

Does the QR code Link to the Correct Wifi?

Many QR codes do not connect with the right network, which can intimidate customers. However, if the wifi QR code does not link to the right wifi, there may be issues like slow speed, unstable connections, and even hampering the relations. On the other hand, if you initially confirm that the QR code links to the right wifi, you may avoid these problems and easily serve your customers with the best possible experience. So, it is better to ensure the QR code is properly connected before sharing it with your customers.

Check if Your Wifi QR code is Up to Date

You may update the wifi connection or passwords from time to time, so the QR code may require certain updates. Check often to ensure the QR code is updated and contains the necessary information. This ensures better customer experience and services, as an updated code will remove all unnecessary glitches that may occur during the scan.


Most frequent questions and answers

It is easy for people to scan a QR code and avail of the services offered by it. They can scan the QR code by simply pointing the camera toward it. Finally, when they are done with the wifi QR code scan, they can easily open or share the URL. However, if it doesn’t work, then Google Lens can serve as an alternative.

You can change anything, including the URL links or attached files behind the QR code, anytime. The information can be easily edited, so you can share the latest information with your customers.

Yes, you can easily track the number of scans, locations, and device information. This fantastic feature helps you make the necessary changes and even restricts the connection if you find something wrong.

The multiple benefits of a wifi QR code make it an essential feature of many businesses. Creating a wifi QR code saves a lot of time for both the management and customers. The free technology provides an amazing way to attract more customers and share your services.