QR codes on Table Tents

QR codes on Table Tents
QR codes on Table Tents

This small change can help you get great results!

Table Tents or table cards are marketing materials designed for table tents to work as cross-sellers for products and services related to your culinary business. Additionally, their fascinating designs help guests find their reserved seats and make things engaging.

QR codes on table tents have multiple benefits. Read on and learn more about their fantastic features and methods.

Benefits of QR codes on Table Tents

QR codes on table tents have a lot to offer. Their numerous benefits include –

It’s Easy to Change the Information Behind the QR codes on Table Tents

One of the most important benefits of QR codes on table tents is that they can be easily edited. You can update all the information on the same QR code without changing the QR code address. 

Dynamic QR codes have the option to edit the content connected with the QR code. Whatever the content includes, be it images, gifs, audio, video, or social media content, it is always customizable and can be changed when needed.

Track Which QR code is Scanned Most

Another major advantage of placing QR codes on table tents is they can be easily tracked. With easy QR code tracking, you can check how many users have scanned the code, understand their needs and demands, and improve your future campaigns. Trackable codes are associated with URLs. The insights related to time, location, date, and OS used to scan help you test your data’s reach, so you can take the other necessary steps for its enhancement.

Get in Contact more easier

QR codes on table tents help you get in contact with your customers. Whether running a catering business or a restaurant, QR codes help you reach out to your customers. You can update them about their reserved tables and serve the regular customers with some extra benefits.  You could also  explain the day’s event to all the invitees at a business meeting by adding QR codes on table tents. 


At weddings, QR codes on table tents deliver the entire wedding schedule on the guest’s phone and prevent unnecessary chaos.

Add Instructions to the QR codes on Table Tents

You can also add instructions to the QR codes on table tents so you can smoothly carry on your business meetings. The QR codes will contain all the related information i.e., the meeting details and timings and the instructions that need to be followed during the event. This way, it becomes easier for presenters and attendees to follow the schedule without the need for interruption.

How to Create a QR code on a Table Tent

Step 1: Go to Trueqrcode and fill in the URL you want to use for the QR code on your table tents.

Step 2: Your unique QR code is generated immediately.

Step 3: Save your QR code in your account.

Step 4: Download your QR code in the right file. 

Step 5: Use your downloaded QR code for your table tent design. 

Step 6: In your account, you can track how often the QR code is scanned.

QR codes on Table Tents
QR codes on Table Tents

Best Practices of QR codes on Table Tents

After creating and adding your QR codes on table tents, you can use them for some helpful purposes to make things a lot easier for you. The best practices of QR codes on table tents include –

QR codes on Table Tents for Restaurants

QR codes on table tents for restaurants can help you serve your guests better and adhere to the state and center food service guidelines. You can customize them by adding some stances of your brand and designing it to match. They also serve as a digital menu for restaurants and help keep instructions short and precise. QR codes on table tents for restaurants reduce the chaos that often occurs due to having tons of customers.

How Hotels and Resorts Use QR codes on Table Tents

Another best practice for using QR codes on table tents is by using them in hotels and resorts. The multiple rooms, numerous services, and presence of ample staff can easily be managed through QR codes on table tents. These QR codes include all the necessary information and divert customers to an online address where they can find other details like the resort map, amenities page, online menu, and much more. All in all, it serves as a single platform where customers can learn all about the hotel and its services.

Gym and Wellness Studios Using QR codes on Table Tents

These days, gyms and wellness studios are also using QR codes on table tents to upgrade their services. These QR codes explain all about the gym timings and the timings for all your classes. You can also use the service to share feedback about classes and their overall experience. 

Some gyms and wellness studios also use QR codes to promote their services. They print these codes on their business cards and embed all the necessary information so the customers can find the required information on a single platform.

A Museum with QR codes on Table Tents

Museums are also working and sharing QR codes on table tents to help visitors learn more about the artwork and minimize waiting time. These codes sometimes contain audio recordings where you can hear some amazing facts and the history of the pieces present there. This change is due to a boost in the number of visitors to the museum in recent years. 

Another major objective of using QR codes in museums is to improve their social media presence and collect the visitors’ feedback.

Stadium and Convention Center Best Practices

With QR codes in stadiums and convention centers, you can easily contact the person in charge when there are any issues. A smooth event will increase the number of visitors in the future. Also, QR codes on table tents in stadiums and convention centers can increase social media followers and contribute to event attendance. It is not easy for stadiums to keep a track of the visitors, but QR codes on table tents help.  

QR codes on table tents have multiple benefits, but only when you follow certain tips. QR codes will benefit you more when you follow the given tips before placing QR codes on table tents.

Tips for Adding QR codes on Table Tents

Make Sure the Information Behind the QR code is Up to Date

QR codes on table tents won’t be effective if the information behind them is not up to date and is not helpful to the people using them. Hence, it is best to update the QR codes regularly to keep them helpful for your users. You can also add links to some of the special offers going on and increase the number of conversions with better lead nurturing. This tip will help you grow your users and retain the current ones.

Check Whether You Added the Right URL

This is another significant mistake we come across in many QR codes. The QR codes on table tents do not always have the right URL leading to customer dissatisfaction and wasted time. So, make sure you check the URL and the QR code twice before making it available to the public. This practice will save you from unnecessary glitches and prevent you from the serious after-effects of a small and silly mistake.

Check What People Will See After Scanning the QR code

Sometimes, brands are not sure what people will see after scanning the QR codes. They spend the whole time creating and designing the QR code for table tents and fail to share the necessary details. Either the wrong audio or video file is attached or the shared document has some glitches that the customers are not able to operate. There may also be other issues like outdated content or no option to share the required feedback, which ultimately results in a loss in the number of website visitors. 

Thus, make sure the QR code contains all the necessary details and there is no chance of customers leaving you.

Make Sure your Design is Nice

The table tent QR code must be well-curated and systematically created from the inside and out. Along with the related links, it should also have a design that best represents your brand. We know people are easily attracted to beautiful designs, and a design that gives a glimpse of your brand or company will give a touch of originality and uniqueness. Make sure the designs are simple, yet appealing, and a representation of the services your company offers.

Trigger Your Clients to Scan the QR code

QR codes are meant to be scanned, but it sometimes becomes difficult to attract customers to scan the QR code and avail of the services. For this, you can add some basic features to the QR code on table tents. These include adding rewards to the QR codes, inserting relevant information, creatively designing them, and asking for the customers’ feedback through the QR code. Whether the person is a regular user of your brand’s services or a first-time visitor, ask for feedback and make them visit your online platform at least once.  

The above tips and explanations make it clear that QR codes for table tents play a prominent role in enhancing your business and attracting more and more customers. So, why wait? Design one for yourself today and be a part of a constantly updating and growing digital world!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, anyone from the guest list or even a regular visitor can easily scan the QR codes on the table tent and reach out to the online platform attached to the QR code. All they have to do is scan the code through a scanner or QR reader and save the given information. One can also scan with the help of google lens.

Place the QR code on table tents so it is easily accessible and visible to all the customers. It can be anywhere on your table tent, with proper spacing so it can be viewed even from a distance and can fit into the scanner. Make sure the QR code is fitting well on your table tent design. You can use Photoshop for example for a table tent design.

Yes! Using QR codes can generate more sales as it gives potential customers a chance to learn additional information about the particular product/service you offer. This often leads to increased sales.

Only dynamic QR codes support the tracking feature. They help you track the number of scans per QR code and assess your performance over time. The QR codes also help you learn about the location of these scans and the devices used.

People scan QR codes on table tents to collect more information related to the event or location. The QR codes give them instant access to the information and they can learn all about the schedule and instructions enlisted in the codes.